Glitter Information

Glitter comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes that give a varied appearance and texture to your egg. The main types are Ultrafine, Microfine and Hologram.

Ultrafine - This glitter is very finely textured and is cut in point .008 flakes. It can be opaque, transparent or a combination. (See catalog numbers G-UF-001 to G-UF-199)

 Microfine - This glitter is basically the consistency of powder and is cut in .004 flakes. It can be opaque or transparent. (See catalog numbers G-MF-700 to G-MF-799)

Hologram - This glitter is extremely showy and 3 Dimensional. It can be opaque, transparent or a combination. (See catalog numbers G-UF-400 to G-UF-499)


Application Information

The transparent glitter is affected by the color on the egg. You can create many looks using the same glitter or different paint colors. It is best to paint 2 even coats of the paint color, allowing it to dry before glittering. All types of glitter can be applied by using Royal Coat decoupage finish by Plaid. You will want to apply an EVEN coat and then sprinkle or spoon the glitter over the top. Allow to dry completely and remove excess with a dry brush. For the best appearance, apply a second coat of glitter and again apply glitter as mentioned above, allowing to dry. Remove excess.

You can also create outlines and patterns using fine tip glue bottle. I prefer top use Gemtak glue for that.


We have over 200 colors of glitter available and are also able to color match if you need a custom color. We also carry Gemtak glue, Royal Coat Decoupage finish, and superior metal tipped glue bottles.